Elko Summit Season Open

“NOT a good start to the season for sure but everyone is ok and things can be fixed Saturday heat race was ok I took the outside pole and the 91d car runs like a rocket but still having setup issues and pushing up the track, came up high between 2/3 up to the bank then right after that coming out of 4 went up into the wall and kissed it so then I backed out of it to at least keep it from pushing up, Randy Hadlock 23 took first in the heat , Tayler McClendon-Strom 19T took second…. We made some adjustments to the 91D to try and make it stop pushing so hard and needless to say it didn’t quite work as planned which led to the disaster in the main… I had the inside pole for the main the green flag dropped and I pulled out quick but coming into 1/2 could feel it want to push and Tayler came flying around me on the outside going into 3 so I tried to hammer down and it spun me completely sideways coming out of 3 and Randy was right there behind me and in trying to avoid what would have been a very violent T-bone to my left open side of the car he turned right hard which in doing so upset his chassis (fyi these cars are setup to love going left not right). Causing the shift in weight transfer which in turned the car flip over and rolled .. Randy is ok,, car is fixable it seems mostly cosmetic damage, after that I pulled the 91D off the track until we can figure out why it won’t respond the way it is supposed to , no sense in wrecking another car and I wanted to check on Randy I felt horrible,, but on a good note Tayler jammed his car up into 5th gear and and ran like a rocket ship after that and won the main , here are the videos that my buddy took. We will try to post some more videos of the rest of the main event, but my Buddy’s phone took a shit and he didn’t get the rest of the race.”

– Roy


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