Randy Hadlock #23

Shoutout to Randy Hadlock our great friend, crew chief and part of our racing family here at Wild Side Racing Team,

Randy has been racing cars since “ Dirt tracks were invented” is what I tell everyone lol, he’s raced every thing from late models and trucks on dirt and asphalt to 360 sprint cars and is a valuable asset to the team with his many years of experience!!

Randy and I have worked side by side for quite a few years working on race cars and building race cars for our kids. Since him and I have both put up our suits so to speak and let the younger generation of racers in the family take over the wheel, you see once racing is in your blood it never leaves, I speak this from my own personal experiences from my start with racing when I was 9 years old.. so with that being said we have decided that Randy needs to jump back behind the wheel at least one more time and give it a go!!

Him and I have spent the last month and a half building a micro 600 from an old ass factor one chassis I had sitting out at the property and tell you what it was not the easiest thing to do it needed a lot of help so to speak but we got it done, now I know it is not as pretty as our cars we build usually are but time was not on our side but the mechanics and chassis setup of it are up to par and ready to go!!

We will be doing the first run with the car at Mountain Home Speedway on the 9th, so send Randy your love and support as he once again jumps behind the wheel of racing!! We love you randy and all you have done and helped us with through out the years, cheers to you buddy!!!